Design Studio Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd. manufacturing factory commenced its commercial operation in 2006 at Puttalam Road in Etawa, Wariyapola in the North Western Prov-ince of Sri Lanka, and within a few years, has established itself as a quality apparel exporter with seven production lines, providing employment, directly and indirectly, to over 1000 people.  
A learning organization developed to the level of a world-class manufacturer, serving the most sophisticated markets in the world.

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It’s like fabric collage…we ensure total synergy
Contractor Selection
Technical Support & Pattern Making
Shipping & Logistics many more ...

We ensure best quality, best price and best
lead-time at all times wonders.

What are the expertise?

We are multitalented… be it conventional,
fashionable or futuristic, we are geared to meet
the challenge.

How are we different?

We practice the art of making clothes that fit… customer satisfaction is our contentment.
What are the advantages?

If we are the binding thread, then our worker is the needle that facilitates it. Together we work wonders.

The thread that brings the pieces of clothing together… it connects, sustains and styles the perfect garment. Connecting you with some of the best manufactures, suppliers and buyers in the apparel industry. Design Studio was established in 2000 with the objective of providing sourcing and consultation services in the production...